The breeding and planting season is in full swing, but what is actually meant by the breeding and planting season?
The breeding and planting season is the time when wild animals breed or nest .give birth to their offspring. In most federal states, this period begins on April 1st and ends around July 15th.
During the breeding and settling season, dogs are therefore on a leash, even if there is no leash obligation in your federal state . No matter how well your dog hears, there is no 100% guarantee that it won't faint when a deer jumps out of the bushes.
Such a situation can be very dangerous for a deer! The excitement and possible rush caused by the dog can lead to a miscarriage.

Do you want to be responsible? Is it worth the risk?

I don't think it will hurt any dog ​​or dog owner to put the dog on a leash. Consideration costs nothing and saves lives🧡🐶🌿.
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